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Contemporary Caribbean Architecture

Studio Blue Architects Inc.

One of our projects, Thespina, a signature beach front property, has been featured in a new book "Contemporary Caribbean Architecture" by Brian Lewis.



Future Centre hosts green fair

Daily Nation Newspaper, Barbados

ECO-FRIENDLY businesses got a chance to share their experiences and showcase their products yesterday.

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Not enough value placed on natural resources

The Barbados Advocate Newspaper

Barbados is failing to place enough value on its natural resources, which could be a detriment to the tourism industry. This observation was...

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Studio Blue certified Green

Business Barbados (Website)

Studio Blue Architects is the first small business and architectural firm to Go Green with Green Business Barbados. Their practice has been for many years focused on green building options but this programme gave them an opportunity to fully transfer that interest to their operations and practice.

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Building Green: Having the right environmental approach to all the necessary steps of building

Living Barbados - Volume 1, Issue 2

An interview with Neil Hutchinson of Studio Blue Architects Inc & David Porter of Environmental Solutions International Inc.

In the last 20 years, green building principles have become increasingly incorporated into commercial buildings by companies conscious of the bottom line. Recently it has become a real estate trend in North America to buy older commercial buildings and renovate them into green buildings – the prediction is that green commercial space will get higher rents as the demand rises.

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Building Fair Showcased Eco-friendly Building Concepts

The Barbados Advocate Newspaper

The design concepts behind the Barbadian chattel houses were ahead of their times. Many of the concepts behind chattel houses and updates on others are the foundation for the eco-house concept showcased by Studio Blue Architects at the Barbados Building and Greening Fair 2005.

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Studio Blue's Eco designs

Business Authority

Balancing the wishes of house building clients on one hand, with an architect’s commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly design is invariably bound to be a challenge for any firm. But, it is one that the year-old Studio Blue Architects Inc. is more than happy to take on.

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