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Contemporary Caribbean Architecture

December 15, 2015 . By Neil Hutchinson, Studio Blue Architects Inc.
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One of our projects, Thespina, a signature beach front property on the west coast of Barbados, has been featured in a new book "Contemporary Caribbean Architecture".

Contemporary Caribbean Architecture is a Limited Edition Collector’s book by Trinidadian architect Brian Lewis of acla:works. The book is a large format publication containing 328 pages with 500 high-resolution photographs of 50 contemporary projects from across the English and French-speaking Caribbean. The books are selling for US$100 plus the cost of shipping - if you are interested contact him here:

According to the publishers, the Caribbean’s long history of colonial architecture introduced by settlers from the First World generated complex strains of a vernacular, popularly known as Caribbean architecture. In the face of this significant body of work, local architects faced a challenge to introduce contemporary designs, since there were few built examples to inform public awareness and they often met with resistance.

The publishers’ hope is that the book can become a new reference point for architects and those interested in architecture and architectural photography, and expand the scope of discussion on contemporary Caribbean architecture and what is possible in the region.

Lewis was quoted at the launch: “Architecture in its best form not only contributes to the built environment, but can raise the human spirit. Stunning architectural images can inspire. For me architecture and its photography are inextricably connected. I believe that creating architecture is one way to make a contribution. Another way is via the medium of architectural photography. By presenting the design intent of a building I can enhance the appreciation of architecture and its architects.”


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Thanks Brian - We are very excited to have just received our copy of "Contemporary Caribbean Architecture". The book looks great and we are honored to be featured alongside so many other architects doing exciting stuff across the region. 

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