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Studio Blue certified Green

March 16, 2011 . By Future Centre Trust, Business Barbados (Website)
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Studio Blue Architects is the first small business and architectural firm to Go Green with Green Business Barbados. Their practice has been for many years focused on green building options but this programme gave them an opportunity to fully transfer that interest to their operations and practice. Studio Blue Architects is well known in the community as being an architectural practice that considers the environment in the buildings that is designs and executes. As a result the new vision for Studio Blue Architects is to continue greening efforts in their own operations and enhance the product that they offer to consumers by including in buildings and designs; energy and water saving techniques and devices, pollution control systems and waste reduction & recycling options.

During the implementation of the programme within their own offices Studio Blue expanded their recycling programme to include glass, plastics, printers, toners and e-waste and put in place measures to reduce waste such as excessive paper use. Andre Gooding, the green officer at Studio Blue, forged a relationship with their office neighbours to set up a recycling system to be used by all offices within their complex. In addition Andre implemented several energy saving and water saving techniques in order to reduce overall consumption of these resources. Through the programme Studio Blue was able to switch it’s cleaning products from non —biodegradable, chemical based cleaners to biodegradable and organic based cleaning products that are not just better for the environment but also for our own health and wellness.

As part of the educational component of the programme Studio Blue Architects visited the Vauxhall Primary School on Friday April 15th. During their visit class 1 and class 4 students learned about the importance of planting trees and the benefits that they provide to our environment from Neil Hutchinson, principle of Studio Blue Architects. As part of the event a Black Pearl tree was donated and planted at the school by Studio Blue employees and some students from the school. In addition to the donation of the tree Studio Blue Architects will also be donating some computer monitors to the school’s computer room. This partnership signifies how business can promote environmental awareness in our schools starting with our children.


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