Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre

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The Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC) is the most advanced Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) processing facility in the English speaking Caribbean. It is located on a 35 acre site adjacent to the existing Mangrove sanitary landfill and currently receives on average 500 truck loads or approx 1,000 Tonnes of waste per day.

SBRC is a private entity contracted by the Barbados Government under a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) to receive and process the island’s solid waste. The facility was procured through a BOLT - Build, Own, Operate and Transfer contract and currently employs 61 people. The primary objective of the project is to divert waste from the Sanitary landfill by facilitating processing and ultimately recycling. The project is currently diverting 60 – 70% of the solid waste received, thereby extending the life of the Landfill and allowing for the reuse of materials which would otherwise have to be imported

The Site incorporates a Scale house, Transfer Station, Composting Plant, Public Drop-off, Construction and Demolition Waste Materials Recovery Facility, Chemical Waste Storage area, two Electrical Substations, a Workshop and an Office. We were responsible for the design of the Scale house and the Transfer Station buildings. The Scale-house is the first point of contact and allows vehicles to be weighed and enable the type of waste to be quantified, identified and directed to the relevant area for processing. The Transfer Station is a large steel portal frame building measuring approximately 72m x 38m in size and is designed to received and temporarily store MSW for processing. Vehicles dump their waste onto the floor of this building and operators use processing equipment to sort bulky items from the waste and to direct the remaining waste into 40ft long trailers which then haul it to the Landfill. The roof of the transfer station incorporates insulation to control the heat loads and skylights to enable the space to be predominantly lit with daylight.

The facility currently allows for the recycling of cardboard, metals, plastics and produces mulch, wood chips, soil mix, screened soil and stone aggregate for construction.

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Vaucluse, St. Thomas, Barbados


Completed 2009.


45530 sq. ft. / 4230 sq. m.


C. O. Williams Construction Ltd. / RR Consteel Inc


Engineers & Project Managers

  - Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd

Mechanical & Electrical Engineers

  - Kendarhall Inc

Quantity Surveyors

  – Cooper Kauffman Ltd

Solid Waste Specialists

  – Bedminster Bio Energy Technology & Burnside

Eco Features

  • Skylights provide natural daylight in the Transfer Station
  • Roof Insulation to reduce solar heat gain
  • Rainwater Harvesting for re-use
  • Water Conservation - Self closing taps/urinals & Low/dual flush toilets
Photography - Leslie St. John
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