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The Kelly Group is the parent company of the Top Health & Nature’s Discount chain of stores, now considered the leading distributors of health food and nutritional supplements in the Caribbean with over 18 branches across the region. Having outgrown their previous location, we were charged with designing a new headquarters to house their Corporate offices and storage / distribution warehouse in Barbados.

The design responds to the clients parameters for a functional, simple and cost effective building; it is an economical rectangular structure with a concrete frame on a 4.5m / 15’ grid and a simple pitched roof form. Being conscious of the budget, we elected to focus the design of the exterior on the front elevation and keep the other 3 sides relatively simple. In conceptual terms, we affixed a 200mm thick blue rectangle in the company’s corporate colours to the front facade. We then proceeded to create a smaller rectangle within the larger and fold this section through 90 degrees to create a canopy over the steps and ramp leading up to the reception. A horizontal slot is then carved out above the canopy to cater for windows to the first floor offices and the building was then branded with the company’s logo to complete the ensemble. The roof is constructed of steel trusses pre-fabricated from metal studs and insulated to reduce heat gain. The ground floor consists of the main reception and stock rooms either side of a central access corridor served by the loading dock. Corporate managerial offices with boardroom and staff facilities including a nursery, lunchroom and washrooms are situated on the first floor. Approximately 35% of the first floor area is allocated to spill over storage and for future expansion.


Pine Commercial Section, St. Michael, Barbados


Completed 2010.


13470 sq. ft. / 1251 sq. m.


XPRESS Construction


Civil & Structural Engineers
Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd

Eco Features

  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Water Conservation - self closing taps & Low/dual flush toilets
  • Roof Insulation to reduce solar heat gain
Photography - Leslie St. John
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