Combined Care Facility

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The Combined Care Facility is to be a purpose built congregate care home to cater for the elderly and represents the amalgamation of 4 existing homes. The new development will provide care in 4 sectors ranging from the fully independent person in semi-detached apartments to those requiring partial assistance, to those who are completely bed ridden. Provision will also be made to cater for elderly persons in a Day Care setting.

An initial Feasibility study was conducted in 2003 to establish potential site layouts, phasing options and preliminary budget estimates. In 2007 a more detailed project analysis was undertaken, followed by a complete design of Phase 1 to planning submission stage. Phase 1, estimated at $10.9 million, will cater for the Assisted living and day care services; 40 Private Bedrooms with the associated shared common facilities. Phase 2 will provide 40 Private/semi-private Beds in a Nursing Care environment and Phase 3 would consist of 20 semi-detached apartments for Independent Living. 

These types of institutions can often be intimidating and unsettling for the residents. During the design process we gave a great deal of consideration to the technical aspects, but utmost in our minds was the introduction of measures that would improve the comfort and experience of those that visit and live there. The ground floor lounge and dining areas are arranged around a central courtyard creating a light and airy feel while providing an external space where residents with Alzhimers can enjoy the outdoors in a secure environment. The two main accommodation blocks are orientated to face East & North-east; bedrooms are located on the windward side to capture the cooling trade winds while service spaces such as washrooms and sitting areas are placed on the leeward side. This layout also avoids a typical institutional feel of long corridors with rooms either side by creating clusters of rooms with a small sitting area at the centre. Common facilities will also consist of activity and hobby rooms, a doctor’s office for medical care, a commercial kitchen, staff facilities and ancillary administration offices. Our aim was to create a facility that not only provides comprehensive elderly care, but also one with a range of holistic and environmentally sustainable design considerations.


Lears, St. Michael, Barbados


Un-built / Planning Approval obtained 2019.


33313 sq. ft. / 3095 sq. m.



- Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd &

Adams Consulting Inc.

Quantity Surveyors

– Cooper Kauffman Ltd / Amron Services

Eco Features

  • Design allows natural ventilation & day lighting 
  • Large roof overhangs provide shade 
  • Roof Insulation to reduce solar heat gain 
  • Rainwater Harvesting for irrigation & re-use 
  • Water Conservation - Self closing taps/urinals & Low/dual flush toilets 
  • Solar Water Heaters 
  • Grass Crete paving allows natural drainage and reduces heat gain
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